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Mate, do you REALLY need help on this? Look the URL of the level you are IN. Answer the question... Of course you want to go level TWO, isn't it? Well, so you have to type in the URL of level two... what could it be?... hmmm.... the simpliest thing you can ever think !



Turn ON the soundspeakers. Do you hear something? Well... do you know that famous song? NO? Well.. Mate... DOWNLOAD IT !! And open it with something that allows you to check additional informations... You'll find the title, then GOOGLE for it to discover AUTHOR, and google again to find answer to the question



The answer you are looking for is hidden in some part of the image... So.. again... DOWNLOAD it and open with something that allows you to ZOOM !



Check the source code... there is an HINT... google for the two parts of it, and you'll find two words... those, together, make the name of a ... WINDOWS FONT! The font I used to write answer...



Classic REBUS... First word+ second word (you must cut out the "h" from this one)+ third word. Put them in URL, and follow hint of intermediate pages: you have now a TWO WORDS thing... think about WHAT COULD THIS BE. Google can help you. Something that have to do with medicine/physicians...



A simple game, nothing difficult!! Clear words from the scheme, remaining letters make a question... answer it. It's very easy.


The shooting game

Read carefully:
The level was created a long time ago, and I intended simply test your skills with a simple shooting game.
In some forum I understood that game is too difficult for someone...
So I've modified the level by ADDING some rows. Read that: I've ADDED some rows. If you're facing the level you read that there are TWO ways to pass it.
If 1st way is still to make that score at game--> SO, THE 2ND WAY MUST BE HIDDEN SOMEWHERE IN THOSE FEW ROWS UNDER THE GAME, OK?


Other levels: You're on your own, now...
Think that nothing is random, all things you see, are things you NEED.
In general: usually I thought FIRST OF ALL the scheme, and AFTER I put the hints. Usually what you see in level page is the CORE of the enigma, and somewhere around you'll find some hints... IF NOT--> then, trying typing in the URL of easiest thing you think about, you could discover some intermediate pages!