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A real challenge for your brain!!

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Well, well... the first thing: I began to think that this should be the hardest riddle in internet...
Let's see the facts:

And the game is online since Dec 16th, 2005 ...and VERY FEW have finished it (see hall of fame)!!! Many begin... many surrender!
Are you tough enough ?

This game is a "simple" TREASURE-HUNT...
But.... yes, of course, I've had the idea to do it after playing the famous NOTPRON...

Rules are very simple... use ANYTHING related to the level page to get the next level.
No more, it's very simple.... ISN'T IT ??

This game is NOT only a simple matter of point and click ! It's a matter of become "intimate" with the level page until the answer will raise in front of your eyes...
  As of today, this game is made of levels. Last level is  
  • Before you begin, you NEED to check for Basic Rules, almost...
  • In Advanced Hints you'll find hints for six or seven levels, don't abuse... don't ruin your challenge !
  • In Official forum you can register and choose English, so... don't be afraid if you see Italian Language, you may start a Topic in English, and receive answers in English.

If you feel yourself ready for the game, then ....