Eugy's Internet Game
A real challenge for your brain!!

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Mainly this game works in TWO different ways:
1) Type in the URL of next page OR
2) Click somewhere to open link to next page (in that case you have to UNDERSTAND a Username and a Password from the level)

Everytime you want to type in something somewhere...
do NOT use any SPACE between words or any CAPITAL letter (only lowercase).

Everything you need to advance to next step is ALL CONTAINED in the level where you are.
When prompted for username and password DO NOT leave any field blank. If you do, you may get blocked... in that case it's enough to close browser and open it again. Sorry for this, I'm working around this little problem.

Main language of the riddle is ENGLISH, it DOES NOT MEAN that I may not use some other language....

I may need to thank someone, in some pages. In that case I will use a separate table, with a clear mark and a clear sentence in different FONT, like "This is NOT a part of the riddle".
Believe me: I PROMISE I WILL NEVER put useful informations in that table and/or correlated links !
In every page there is a visitor's counter. THE COUNTER IS NEVER USED FOR THE RIDDLE, it's *only* a counter.
If you feel yourself ready for the game, then ....

Beginner's Hints:
  • Level 1: Mates... think WHERE you are and THINK at the question in level...
  • Level 2: There is a music... Can I pretend that EVERYONE in the world knows it? Of course NOT ! So it's obvious that there are ways to workaround it to know what you need...
  • All levels: I thought it was obvious... but, looking at statistic for first three levels, I've understood that it's better to say: YOU HAVE TO SEARCH IN THE SOURCE CODE, to get some hints, sometimes !

P.S. I'm sorry... the game is optimized for Internet Explorer. Other browsers (like Firefox) may give you some extra difficulty

Other P.S. The game is in English, but my mother tongue is Italian. I've used a good dictionary Italian-English (http://www.garzantilinguistica.it/index.html), but is possible that you find some mistakes. In that case, let me know ! (E-mail or message)